Posted by: seanrasmusseninternetmarketerseanrasmussen | July 30, 2010

Sean Rasmussen Internet Marketer

I have begun an extraordinary adventure – Learning Affiliate Marketing from Sean Rasmussen.

This journey to change my life began with a video and an email offer for a free DVD.

NOW, at this stage I had no idea how much these two things would change my life.

Check out Sean Rasmussens video below :

This video has had a marked affect on me.   My mind was looking for something and the antennae in my head tuned to this video.  This began my ‘Learning with Sean Ramussen’ journey.

At some point after receiving my free DVD and watching this video MANY times, Sean Rasmussen began the Learn and Earn Internet Marketing Competition.

Wow! What an amazing experience.

The ‘Learn and Earn Internet Marketing Competition’ has been an enjoyable 7 weeks,  learning skills to become a successful Affiliate Marketer.  I’ve also made a lot of new friends.

So much knowledge has been shared by Sean, who has demonstrated a very genuine passion to teach others – LOOK AT ME NOW : I’M WRITING MY OWN BLOG.

And best of all – it has been FUN, and I know I’m on the right track.

During the Learn and Earn Competition, Sean Rasmussen shared with us his knowledge and experience as an Affiliate Marketer, via a series of Webinars and Blog Posts.

These can be found on his blog .

It’s an absolute must to visit Seans Blog site above.  If you enjoy his style of teaching, he has other highly informative sites/blogs on Internet Marketing and other wealth creation areas such as Property and Stock Market Investing :

Sean Rasmussen is an incredibly genuine person with a huge willingness to SHARE his Internet Marketing knowledge with other people. His published book  ‘Year Of The Affiliate’ is an awesome tool for anyone wanting to be successful as an Affiliate Marketer.

His way of sharing information and encouraging us to learn during the Learn and Earn Competition has been effective and fun.  Sean’s wife Cherie Rasmussen has had a HUGE task of Awarding Points to competitors for completing requested tasks.

This has encouraged everyone to actually DO things and EXPERIENCE different situations, learning new Internet Marketing SKILLS.

Sean Rasmussen is definitely my Mentor in this awesome journey to become a successful Affiliate Marketer.